SEO Agency in Liverpool

Now you can get a comprehensive SEO report on your website absolutely free from us.

We help Liverpool businesses to Shine on Google

Google is the preferred way people find local businesses now a days. Having a strong online presence on Google is the key to expanding your business, reaching more customers and make making more sales. Your competitors in Liverpool are probably doing this right now, so why fall behind. Take control of your SEO game today!

We help you to rank your website to the top of Google search results in Liverpool and drive more organic traffic to your site from Google searches. No need to pay for expensive ads, your site will remain at the top spot of search results in Liverpool.

We have customized packages to cater all your SEO needs. Below you can take a peek at our most popular SEO packages for businesses in Liverpool.

We'll rank you to the top of Google in 30 days

This package is designed to skyrocket your website SEO in Liverpool within a very short period of time by optimizing on-page and off-page SEO combining with our proven techniques to rank you to the top 5 results of Google for a given search term.

Increase your visibility on search engines and get more organic traffic from Liverpool.

Grow your online presence in Liverpool, reach more customers and make more sales.

This one time investment will yield lifelong results for your business in Liverpool.

Reputation Management

To spread positivity

When it comes to running an online business, you have to face angry customers, competitors who can ruin your reputation with one negative comment or a review.

We help businesses to maintain their reputation and spread positivity. Contact us to know more about our reputation management service and learn how we can help you.

SEO Starter Package

SEO Support for new websites

Birmingham SEO Agency Starter pack is ideal to boost the SEO of brand new websites in Liverpool.

Here we'll fix your site's SEO errors, optimize keywords and URLs. Then we'll optimize your internal link structure, and Increase your Domain authority by providing more than 100 high quality backlinks from premium sites linking back to your your site and index them on Google.

Why choose SEO ?

  1. Unlike paid Ads, traffic from Google search is free.

  2. Once you're ranked high on Google, you can maintain it without much effort.

  3. No recurring payments.

  4. You'll get access to a massive audience using search engines unlike other marketing techniques.

Everyone wants their businesses to get discovered and SEO is the perfect way to do that.

How It Works?

  1. Setting Goals

We'll arrange a brainstorming session with you so we can understand your business model, your target audience in Liverpool and your expectations more clearly.

Then we'll perform a comprehensive site audit to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site, do competitor analysis and come up with a campaign to meet your expectations.

2. On-Page SEO

Here we will fix SEO errors in the pages of your website. Optimize your pages with keywords, Optimize URLs, Optimize internal link structures, Optimize images.

We will also fix site loading and mobile compatibility issues that will significantly affect your search engine rankings.

3. Off-Page SEO

We'll build a supreme quality link profile to your website from highly reputed websites with high domain authority.

Then we'll index those backlinks and improve your site's Domain authority and increase your website's trust in the eye of Google.

4. Results

We are an agency promising results. Each week you'll see your site ranking in Liverpool with our optimization.

We will deliver as promised. We have years of experience in SEO so we're not afraid to offer a money back guarantee.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Here we optimize your website in terms of On-page, Off-page and Advanced SEO techniques to appear at the top of search results relevant to your niche. So when a potential customer searches for a product or service, your site will appear at the top of search results.

How long it takes to see results with SEO

Our 30 day express SEO package will yield results within 30 days. Or you can go for a regular 3 month SEO package to see results within 3 months.

How much does SEO cost

30 Day express package - £ 900 one time payment per keyword

SEO Starter pack - £ 270 one time payment

Backlink pack - £ 150 one time payment

Do you guarantee SEO results

Yes. At the start of our partnership we will fix set GOALs and we provide you money back guarantee if these goals are not met

How to get started?

Send us a message on WhatsApp or email us and we'll get in touch with you asap

Why Choose Us

We are an agency based in Birmingham specializing in SEO. Our team consists of 5 members who have been practicing SEO as freelancers. Birmingham SEO Agency uses the experience and expertise of our members to deliver results to our clients.

We believe communication is the key for a successful SEO campaign. So from the start we provide clearly defined Goals that we'll achieve during the agreed upon time period.

We provide weekly progress reports to our clients to monitor their campaigns closely.

Unlike other SEO agencies in Liverpool, we know our potential so we guarantee our results.

We don't have recurring payments or hidden charges. All are one time payments.